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Performanta Services is characterised by a history of demonstrable successful implementations and optimised solutions across 5 Continents with a reach of over 1.2 million users.


Performanta Technologies invests in cutting-edge IT security technology to give our customers the edge in understanding the threats encountered across their security landscape.


Today’s Information Security Officer is required to simultaneously address a multitude of requirements, from regulatory compliance to risk operations, with everything in between.

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Five Security Predictions for 2015: Bolder Threats Leading to Bolder Security Teams

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No one is safe from getting hacked. This has been no more evident than in 2014 where we have seen some of the biggest high-end data breaches of large companies ever seen to date. Data, personal records and financial information has been stolen and sold on the black market in a matter of days. eBay, Target and more recently Sony … Read the rest

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The cyber-security industry in the UK post Brexit

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Today’s cyber-security landscape

The cyber-security challenge within the UK is dual-faceted – not only are the amount of attacks increasing, we are also facing a cyber skills shortage where the time to hire new employees is regularly upwards of 6 months and in many cases a potential employee with the required skills doesn’t exist to hire. The 2015 Global Cybersecurity Read the rest

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Blind defence – why we’re losing the cyber security war

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Whether you’re the chief information security office (CISO) of a major corporation managing security technologies or leading a security team, you’re most likely very familiar with the objectives of your role. Protecting the company’s assets and ensuring its productivity. You are the wall that stands between the organisation and the adversary, whether it’s protecting from an external attacker that attempts … Read the rest

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Worm outbreak case study: Incident response in the business with Volatility

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A few days ago, our team had to respond to a worm outbreak in one of our customer sites. The threat name was Sality which is a well known worm that started propagating back in 2003. The Sality worm spreads by infecting legitimate executable files and copying itself to a different location on the local system and on network shares. … Read the rest

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EU Cyber Security

The current wave of data protection regulations and how it will affect the infosec industry

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Originally posted by Help Net Security

In 2016, the EU is set to review the next draft of The Network and Information Security (NIS) ‘cybersecurity’ directive which will bring new compliance requirements into place, not just for EU companies but all companies who deal with EU consumer data. This is echoed in the UK, where the government has rated cyber … Read the rest

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cyber security skills

The urgent need for cyber security talent in the UK

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Last year, the Government’s Security Breaches Survey found that 81 per cent of large companies had reported some form of security breach, costing each organisation on average between £600,000 and £1.5 million.

The reality is that the number of cyber security threats is continuously on the rise. The increase in basic and complex attacks on businesses is driven, in part, … Read the rest

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Skype Scam

Syphoned credentials from Skype accounts used to spread diet scams

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Performanta labs has received reports on rogue diet scam URLs that spread on Skype via compromised Skype accounts. Initial investigation concluded that there’s no malware involved on end user machines and devices, but that Skype credentials have been syphoned on unsecured or rogue networks.

It’s good to keep in mind that effective cyber attacks don’t have to necessarily include malware … Read the rest

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