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Performanta Services is characterised by a history of demonstrable successful implementations and optimised solutions across 5 Continents with a reach of over 1.2 million users.


Performanta Technologies invests in cutting-edge IT security technology to give our customers the edge in understanding the threats encountered across their security landscape.


Today’s Information Security Officer is required to simultaneously address a multitude of requirements, from regulatory compliance to risk operations, with everything in between.

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Five Security Predictions for 2015: Bolder Threats Leading to Bolder Security Teams

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No one is safe from getting hacked. This has been no more evident than in 2014 where we have seen some of the biggest high-end data breaches of large companies ever seen to date. Data, personal records and financial information has been stolen and sold on the black market in a matter of days. eBay, Target and more recently Sony … Read the rest

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How do you define an advanced cyber attack?

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Data breaches have become more common in the current landscape, nowadays we often hear about organisations that suffered a data breach on a daily basis or at least on a weekly basis. Reading this week’s news proved this trend as ‘LastPass‘, a company that creates online and free software to store passwords safely, got breached announcing that “email … Read the rest

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