Five Security Predictions for 2015: Bolder Threats Leading to Bolder Security Teams

Five Security Predictions for 2015: Bolder Threats Leading to Bolder Security Teams

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No one is safe from getting hacked. This has been no more evident than in 2014 where we have seen some of the biggest high-end data breaches of large companies ever seen to date. Data, personal records and financial information has been stolen and sold on the black market in a matter of days. eBay, Target and more recently Sony have all been major victims of hacks predicated by a growing and more sophisticated cyber-criminal network. In addition, Poodle, Shellshock and Heartbleed were amongst the major security vulnerabilities exposed in 2014, which have not only shocked the security industry to its core but caused many to reflect on the potential vulnerability of consumers and business IT protection.

With the New Year already upon us, many questions are now being raised about what the security industry can learn from the lessons of 2014, what trends will continue to put business critical data at risk and how can security solutions help mitigate cyber-attacks. Whilst working with some of the largest financial institutions, telecommunication companies, healthcare providers, entertainment industry and manufacturers in South Africa and the UK on protecting data against cybercrime, we have pulled together some security exploits businesses need to be aware of in 2015 to ensure a successful approach to data protection of intellectual property.

Our five predictions for 2015:

1. Increase in known Trojan toolkits and code utilised in targeted attacks and APTs

2. ‘Basic web based attacks’ will increase the likelihood of follow up ‘main ingredient’ attacks

3. More crimeware will bypass traditional security solutions

4. Privilege escalation is the new ‘hot bed’ of attack vectors and zero day attacks

5. ‘Hands on’ offensive security skills and products to be adopted by security teams

Please continue reading about our specific analysis for each prediction as published on SC Magazine.