PERFORMANTA ADVISORY: WannaCry: Caused by Humans, Impacting Humans

PERFORMANTA ADVISORY: WannaCry: Caused by Humans, Impacting Humans

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WannaCry: Caused by Humans, Impacting Humans

What is WannaCry?

Wanna Decryptor which also goes by the name of WannaCry or wcry, is a ransomware program that caused the largest ever Global Ransomware Attack on Friday 12th May 2017.

This ransomware locks all the data on the machine leaving the user with encrypted files along with a notice of what ransom they should pay and how to pay it.










Caused by Humans

The motivation behind humans attacking systems is increasingly about the financial gain. In this instance, WannaCry demanded ransoms of between $300 – $100,000’s to be paid in Bitcoin causing global damages of over $700m.






Human Impact

WannaCry was used on Friday to cause this Global Cyber Attack in which over 100 countries were impacted; ranging from individuals to large organisations including the British NHS, Nissan, Telefónica and Renault.

One of the largest impacts was on human life. The British NHS struggled to operate some of their medical centres and to send emergency response to those in danger, quickly and effectively due to the hack.

40 NHS and Medical Practices were hit resulting in operations being delayed or cancelled, an example of this being a life-threatening heart operation which was cancelled for one British Citizen. The hospital told the patient that due to this cyberattack, they had ‘an inability to match blood types for a transfusion, should the operation go ahead.’

And the examples of damage do not stop there, this was a Global attack and there are examples all over the world demonstrating how WannaCry impacted humans and their lives on Friday.








Performanta Tribe; working to Secure Your World Together

Performanta’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) alerted us to the world’s biggest ransomware attack, well before the global pandemic started. CSOC immediately gathered more information and sent out alerts to all our customers (internationally) on Friday afternoon.

The Purple Tribe, MSS, SRU, Technologies, CSOC, Services and UK Cyber Defence, worked tirelessly together through the night on Friday and all through the remainder of the weekend to ensure we protect our clients.









How you can secure your world against WannaCry

Phishing and ransomware are increasingly intertwined, your users are the last and probably most important line of defense. The human element of protection against these types of attacks is crucial to successful mitigation. All employees should be informed of the risks of ransomware, and their role in being vigilant against malicious emails, patching and compliance to organizational policies.

Ongoing education, testing, and training will increase the chances that employees will identify malicious emails or links before they’ve entered your network.









Performanta’s 4 Top Tips:

  1. Emails; don’t open emails, click links or open attachments from anyone you don’t know
  2. Regularly back up important files
  3. Don’t run old Operating Systems
  4. Patch, Patch, Patch






We invite you to watch the following video to learn more about phishing attacks and how to avoid them. This video forms part of Performanta Academy’s awareness training programme: BYTESIZE Cybertales

Whilst the organisation’s assets are managed and accessible by HUMAN resources, this will be the first line of attack, normally an EASY one. Employees are generally allowed trusted access to information resources through multiple means: Firewalls, Access Control Devices, Buildings, Phone Systems, Account Passwords. Intruders and attackers are using a combination of means to exploit and trick trusted internal personnel to give away valuable information so they can perform an attack.

Performanta will continue to update customers as we monitor this evolving attack. If you think you have been a victim of the WannaCry infection, please email your account manager immediately. Please also inform your employees to be extra vigilant and not to open any unrecognised and unexpected emails.


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