How It All Began

Over the past decade, the Digital Revolution has had a ubiquitous and profound effect on our society and business.  Today’s organisations must first understand their reliance on Information Technology to fully comprehend the security and management systems required to sustain their long term future.

When Guy Golan and Attie Booyens founded Performanta as an Information Security Company in 2009, some of the burning questions were:

“How do we develop a successful information security business in an environment littered with failed technology deployments and poor service?”

“Can we differentiate ourselves and positively influence the negative perceptions about this industry through our actions and, could we turn it around?”

“Will we bring something fresh into the market and add real value?”

From the beginning, a few dynamic individuals with a desire for change and a shared vision, chose to challenge these paradigms. Performanta has since experienced exponential growth as a company, fast becoming recognised as a trustworthy, agile and respected Information Security Provider across Africa and the UK. Today, we employ the most security-minded individuals, ready to assist your business to address, respond to, and prevent Information Security problems.

Performanta group, based in the United Kingdom and South Africa, delivers solutions for Firewall Management, Mobility and Vulnerability Management, Privacy, Network, End-Point, E-Mail, Web, Database, and Application Security. These solutions are implemented and supported through a selection of strategic and forward thinking niche technologies.

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