Introduction to Services

Performanta Services is characterised by a history of demonstrable successful implementations and optimised solutions across 5 Continents with a reach of over 1.2 million users.

Our technology choices are based on a mature, robust, and extensive assessment process, which provides managed, bespoke and turn-key support services that are uniquely positioned and tailored to meet our client requirements.

In the UK Performanta Professional Services on IT Security, Risk and Compliance have been enjoyed by some of the best known brands and largest financial & insurance entities in the country.

This is driven by an ethos to deliver proficient, pragmatic and practical solutions to our customers to meet their business needs, from our experienced engineers. They are constantly up skilling through our internship, training, skills development and enrichment programs.  All of our engineers have practical experience and are skilled across numerous domains and technologies to ensure our customers only receive the highest levels of service.

Performanta Threat Labs

We believe that in order to deliver and implement quality security solutions that provide effective information protection and ensure business productivity, one must understand in detail the threat landscape of today.

Performanta labs’ mission is to investigate the latest cyber threats and to gather threat intelligence to understand the challenges that malware and targeted attacks pose to businesses as well as to security technology. Our mission is to provide our customers with practical threat intelligence information and services that can allow them to be as secure as possible in today’s fast evolving threat landscape.

The fast evolution of the threat landscape has facilitated the enhancement of our Threat Analysis offerings to include threat services such as Incident Investigation, Breach Survey, Defence Consultation, and Live Security Training.

Performanta Compliance services and PCI Services

Performanta has all the necessary expertise to assist & prepare organisations’ for sector related compliance, including PCI DSS, ISO27001 & COBIT.

Performanta Email & Web Security and Data Leakage Prevention Professional Services

One of our core competencies stems from the extensive deployment and optimisation experience of our engineers when it comes to email & web security and in particular data Leakage prevention. This also extends to remote support contracts covering 1st and 2nd level vendor support/incident management as well as best practice consultancy on solution architecture for our customer’s business.

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