Performanta Threat Labs


Performanta labs’ mission is to investigate the latest cyber threats and to gather threat intelligence to understand the challenges that malware and targeted attacks pose to businesses as well as to security technology. Our mission is to provide our customers with practical threat intelligence information and services that can allow them to be as secure as possible in today’s fast evolving threat landscape.

We believe that in order to deliver and implement quality security solutions that provide effective information protection and ensure business productivity, one must understand in detail the threat landscape of today.

The fast evolution of the threat landscape has facilitated the enhancement of our Threat Analysis offerings to include threat services such as Incident Investigation, Breach Survey, Defence Consultation, and Live Security Training:

  • Incident Investigation Assistance: In the event of a security breach or a security incident a Performanta threat lab researcher is available to assist with the analysis of the incident. This includes analysis of malware samples, websites and network traffic to allow extraction of indicators of compromise and scope the impact of the attack.
  • Live Internal Breach Survey: Examination of the internal network using unique and non-invasive technology to find resident malware, indicators of compromise or security weaknesses that passed security solutions and that reside on the internal network.
  • Effective Defence Consultation: A review and consultation on the proactivity of the organisation cyber technologies and cyber controls through the unique point of view of a Performanta threat lab researcher and security product experts.
  • Live Security Training: Live face to face training sessions with a Performanta threat lab researcher including hands-on malicious code analysis exercises. This can include tailored content to suit your security needs.