Securing Our World, Together

Securing Our World, Together

The Infosec community has been battling threats for a long time now; you’ve probably witnessed the world has been going through tremendous security technology developments in the last two decades — harnessing invention power to build a plethora of offerings available to protect against cyber security threats — yet, the truth of the matter is that the world consistently fails to protect itself; we’ve seen it happening lately with the WannaCry outbreak and previously with several other outbreaks that had a massive impact worldwide – in the current pace Cybercrime will cost businesses over $2 Trillion in losses by 2019.

There’s a clear dichotomy between the worldwide available security offerings and the status of security globally. One would have thought that the security advancements in cyber security would help make the world a safer place and reduce the number of security breaches year on year, however the distinct opposite phenomenon is happening — the increasing number of data breaches make that clear!

The Five Elements of Cyber Security Resilience

Security is a profitable business, hitting $75 Billion in 2015 and predicted to hit $170 Billion by 2020; The Infosec community has got money, but the world is yet not secure — the dichotomy will get more apparent and it’s hard to admit, but so far the Infosec community hasn’t helped deliver true & complete security to the world.

One might say that adversarial tools, tactics and procedures evolve over time thus creating a never ending problem to solve, however we’d like to challenge that thinking – our analysis shows that resilient businesses have five fundamental key elements that need to be kept healthy and balanced to resist breaches and assure their resilience:

  • Price (Budget) – The business should have the right budget size and source security for the right price to bring in efficient security solutions, as well as the human expertise required to effectively resist threats
  • Visibility – The business is advised and has holistic and accurate visibility on its security posture and security incidents in direct relation to its risk exposure
  • Human Intelligence – The business has cumulative security experience of human capital that can allow it to prioritise, contextualise and resolve security events effectively
  • Availability – The business has the human resources available to handle security projects, as well as security incidents
  • Involvement – The business knows its limit and acknowledges that help might be needed on certain security matters and involves an external party that can advise on them

Securing Your World, Together with Intelligent People

We recognise it’s a major challenge to get true security visibility, human capital intelligence, availability and security advice all together and for the right price, however, Performanta would like to make the world a safer place – we would like to take responsibility for our world’s security. As part of this journey, we developed a way to make all the five key areas of resilient businesses available to ANY business that would like to be secure.

We’ve built a managed security offering that packages all the above elements of resilience – the key and presiding part in our offering is our human capital – this, combined with modern cutting edge security technology allows us to take any business on a journey to be secure in an affordable way. This is our first managed service package in a series of packages on our journey to make the world truly secure.

Intelligent Endpoint Package

Our analysis shows that one of the prime objectives that affect businesses the most is having adversaries successfully compromising their endpoints; operate covertly and dwelling on the network to advance from endpoint to endpoint to breach the business’ crown jewels; To address this challenge, we’ve come up with an intelligent endpoint package designed to deliver any business with all five key elements of resilience:

  • Price (Budget) – an extremely affordable price for an efficient intelligent endpoint solution that holds a multitude of technologies:
    • Next generation antivirus
    • Endpoint Detection and Response
    • Asset management
    • Threat Intelligence
  • Visibility – Our intelligent endpoint solution provides our Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) with visibility on security risks in the business environment which allows us to prioritise security assets based on their criticality to the business environment.
  • Human Intelligence – Our CSOC has highly skilled analysts monitoring business endpoints for Indicators of Attack and provide incident response. Our analysts will also maintain the health of endpoints on a daily basis to ensure their consistent activity protecting the business.
  •  Availability – Our CSOC analysts operate around the clock 24/7 providing threat monitoring, as well as our security experts are available to effectively maintain your security environment.
  • Involvement – Our customer journey plan includes a security assessment to get properly involved with your security posture, advise on areas the business can become more resilient in, as well as implement the security changes per our assessment.


Please download our white paper to read about the day-to-day business benefits of our Intelligent Endpoint Package.