The cyber-security industry in the UK post Brexit

The cyber-security industry in the UK post Brexit

Today’s cyber-security landscape

The cyber-security challenge within the UK is dual-faceted – not only are the amount of attacks increasing, we are also facing a cyber skills shortage where the time to hire new employees is regularly upwards of 6 months and in many cases a potential employee with the required skills doesn’t exist to hire. The 2015 Global Cybersecurity Read the rest

The urgent need for cyber security talent in the UK

Last year, the Government’s Security Breaches Survey found that 81 per cent of large companies had reported some form of security breach, costing each organisation on average between £600,000 and £1.5 million.

The reality is that the number of cyber security threats is continuously on the rise. The increase in basic and complex attacks on businesses is driven, in part, … Read the rest