Assessing and Prioritising Cyber Defence Controls

Assessing and Prioritising Cyber Defence Controls

In a previous blog, we showed how to map prevalent threats to the different business channel tiers using the gaming industry as a lateral example, in this blog we’re going to describe an approach to protect the Core and Middle tiers of the business against breaches.

Embarking on a Security Improvement Program (SIP) for the Core and Middle tier is … Read the rest

Threat Level ‘DNA Immunity’: Mapping and Prioritising Controls through Threat Modelling

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Everyone is at risk of being hacked, in fact, the last few years have seen some of the biggest high-end data breaches of large companies to date. The trend signifies a large increase in attacks from ‘trusted insiders’ or threat actors, aided by the increased availability of underground offensive security technology. Malicious actors can now utilise attack toolkits of sorts … Read the rest

Blind defence – why we’re losing the cyber security war

Whether you’re the chief information security office (CISO) of a major corporation managing security technologies or leading a security team, you’re most likely very familiar with the objectives of your role. Protecting the company’s assets and ensuring its productivity. You are the wall that stands between the organisation and the adversary, whether it’s protecting from an external attacker that attempts … Read the rest