Boldon James

Technology Category: Data Classification

About Boldon James

Boldon James are the market leaders in data classification and secure messaging software. We give our clients confidence when it comes to controlling and protecting their data.

We pride ourselves in finding real solutions that work for our clients – whatever their challenge. We have over 30 years’ experience in facilitating secure messaging and classifying data to protect against sensitive data leaks. We work with the world’s leading commercial organisations, system integrators, defence forces and governments; driving the effective classification and security of all kinds of data within their existing software environments. We have worked on some of the world’s largest IT security software programmes, collaborating with our network of global partners.

Data classification embeds a culture of compliance by involving users in identifying, managing and controlling regulated data, while automating parts of the protection process to enforce rules and policies consistently.

Our market leading data classification product, Classifier, allows organisations to empower their users to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to messages and documents in order to enforce information assurance policies, raise user awareness and orchestrate multiple security technologies, such as DLP. Our combined focus on data centric protection has helped organisations prevent serious data loss and improved return on technology investment.