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Regardless of how advanced our defenses are, there will always be a chance that attacks will slip through, causing a “silent failure.” Silent failure happens when a breach occurs without alarms being raised, allowing the attackers to dwell in an environment for days, weeks or even months. The solution to the silent failure issue is Endpoint Detection and Response, and that is why EDR has always been a part of Falcon Host. And we are not alone in this belief. Gartner is also recommending organizations consider EDR to help detect and respond to threats.

“Enterprises that know compromise is inevitable and are looking for endpoint-based approaches for advanced threat detection, investigation and response capabilities, should consider EDR solutions.” — Neil MacDonald, VP Distinguished Analyst

CrowdStrike scored “Strong” in all End Point Detection and Response use cases evaluated in a comparative assessment called Comparison of Endpoint Detection and Response Technologies and Solutions published by leading analyst firm Gartner (You can access the full report on Gartner’s web site.).

The use cases include:

Incident Data Search and Investigation

Alert triage or Suspicious Activity Validation

Suspicious Activity Detection

Threat Hunting or Data Exploration

Stopping Malicious Activity


How It Works

Falcon Host provides next-generation antivirus, EDR and managed hunting capabilities in a tiny 5MB sensor that is Cloud managed and delivered, and that can be deployed and operational in hours, on tens of thousands of endpoints.

The unique benefits of this unified and lightweight approach are immediate time to value and better protection that goes beyond detecting malware to stop breaches before they occur. This capability is based on our unique focus on detecting Indicators of Attack (IOA) in addition to other protection methods such as machine learning, exploit blocking, blacklisting and whitelisting. Another unique aspect is that Falcon Host is backed by the 24/7 Falcon Overwatch, CrowdStrike’s team of proactive hunters, creating an expertise and effectiveness multiplier to your internal security team.

Falcon Host is focused on stopping breaches. While existing endpoint and server products are ineffective against sophisticated threats and adversaries — particularly attacks that are not dependent on malware — Falcon Host provides advanced detection, prevention, monitoring and search capabilities to close this security gap and keep adversaries off your endpoints and out of your environment.

About Performanta: an official CrowdStrike Partner and CrowdStrike Reseller in the UK

Performanta is a security partner of CrowdStrike and an approved CrowdStrike reseller in the UK. Involved in endpoint protection projects across the UK and globally, Performanta’s unique practical approach and hands-on technical expertise has been delivering successful technology projects for years covering over 1.2 million end users. Our DNA is ingrained with professionalism, successful delivery and our client base is broad. Please continue reading about one of the world’s best endpoint protection platforms and do contact us should you have any or interest in an introductory meeting.

About CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike was founded in 2011 to fix a fundamental problem: The sophisticated attacks that were forcing the world’s leading businesses into the headlines could not be solved with existing malware-based defenses. Co-founders George Kurtz and Dmitri Alperovitch realized that a brand new approach was needed — one that combines the most advanced endpoint protection with expert intelligence to pinpoint the adversaries perpetrating the attacks, not just the malware.

Performanta is an official CrowdStrike partner and reseller in the UK.

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