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The Portnox Platform is a software solution (no appliances) that traverses across all network layers, whether physical, virtual or in the cloud to illuminate, visualize, analyse and control all connected devices and users. Its unmatched ability to reach every fragment of the network regardless of layer or location results in the most accurate and real-time control of any network. Portnox’s solutions are rapidly deployed in any environment, regardless of size and scale as they do not require any appliances, agents or changes to existing infrastructure. Performanta works with Portnox and is an official platinum Portnox partner and Portnox reseller in the UK.

Portnox is accurate because it traverses all networking layers – Ethernet, wireless, virtual, VPN and even the cloud to illuminate, visualize, analyse and control all connected users and devices. It speaks directly and natively with all existing switches, wireless access controllers, routers and firewalls to get a complete, 100% accurate view of all devices currently connected to the network. Nothing can hide.

Instead of using agent software, it communicates natively with the connected devices to validate their type, compliance and identity. Taking accuracy a step further, it even communicates with user-driven devices such as laptops, desktops, VoIP phones, tablets, etc. to identify the user currently using the device. Every decision Portnox makes factors in the Device, Network and Identity (DNI). It even looks at a user or device’s prior behavior just like a ‘credit score’ to ensure that only the right devices are allowed into the right segments of the network.

About Performanta: an official top platinum Portnox Partner and Portnox Reseller in the UK

Performanta is a leading global platinum security partner of Portnox. Performanta’s unique practical approach and hands-on technical expertise has been delivering successful technology projects for years covering over 1.2 million end users. Our DNA is engrained with professionalism, successful delivery and our client base is broad. Please continue reading about one of the world’s best network access control solutions and do contact us should you have any questions or interested in arranging an introduction meeting.

About Portnox

Founded in 2007, Portnox is a market leader for network access control and management solutions that scale from small to medium businesses through to large-scale government and enterprise organizations. By spanning the diversity of network technologies and devices in-use today, the Portnox platform allows companies to grow, optimize and evolve their infrastructure while ensuring security and compliance.

Performanta is an official global platinum Portnox partner and Portnox reseller in the UK.


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