TrapX DeceptionGrid Platform

Technology Category: Deception

The TrapX DeceptionGrid platform leverages a unique patented architecture to identify, disrupt, and analyse all attacks inside the network perimeter, including Zero-Day malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs). Using an approach we call Adaptive Defense™, TrapX’s virtual-sensor network adjusts in real-time to keep up with rapidly evolving APTs and constant change in multiple layers of the data center.

In contrast to perimeter security solutions, TrapX defenses are embedded at the heart of the network and mission-critical infrastructure; agents and configurations are not needed. Cutting-edge malware detection, threat intelligence, forensics analysis, and remediation in a single platform help remove complexity and cost. TrapX gives cloud providers and security teams an asymmetric advantage against modern advanced threats, and enables providers to understand and remediate problems in real time before they become headline news.

About Performanta: an official top TrapX Partner and TrapX Reseller in the UK

Performanta is a leading global security partner of TrapX and an approved TrapX reseller in the UK. Involved in deception projects across the UK and globally, Performanta’s unique practical approach and hands-on technical expertise has been delivering successful technology projects for years covering over 1.2 million end users. Our DNA is ingrained with professionalism, successful delivery and our client base is broad. Please continue reading about one of the world’s best deception solutions and do contact us should you have any questions or have an interest in an introduction meeting.

About TrapX

TrapX is a leading provider of cloud-based and on-premises cyber-security solutions.

Some of the world’s leading Global 2000 enterprises serving the financial services, national critical infrastructure, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical and other industries rely on TrapX to strengthen their IT ecosystems and reduce the risk of costly and disruptive compromises, data breaches, and compliance violations.

With the TrapX DeceptionGrid™, Global 2000 enterprises are able to detect and analyze Zero-Day and undetected malware used by the world’s most destructive Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) organizations, build threat profiles, block attacks, and automatically remediate damage inflicted on IT ecosystems. DeceptionGrid captures Zero-Day events in its virtualized sensor network and next-generation malware traps before the malware can inflict significant damage to customers’ data centers or cloud deployments.

Performanta is an official global TrapX partner and TrapX reseller in the UK.


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