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64% of organizations say they don’t know where their sensitive content is located or who can access it.

Organisations need to determine which data in their vast unstructured data stores is business critical, sensitive, or subject to regulations so that they can effectively manage and protect that data. A single terabyte of data usually contains about 50,000 folders and many are likely to contain files considered sensitive. Data classification technology promises to help find sensitive files, but finding them is just the beginning. Once files that may be sensitive are found, another set of questions arise: Who do they belong to? Who has access to them? Who is using them? Where is my sensitive data exposed and at risk? These questions must be answered in order to achieve actionable intelligence, and to determine the appropriate data management and protection procedures.

The use cases include:

Data Access Audit and Protection of Overexposed and Stale Data

Sensitive Content Discovery

User Behavior Analytics Detecting Anomalous Access to Data


How It Works

The Varonis IDU Classification Framework gives organizations visibility into the content of data, providing intelligence on where sensitive data resides across its file systems. By integrating file classification information into the Varonis Metadata Framework™, and presenting it in the DatAdvantage interface, the Varonis IDU Classification Framework enables actionable intelligence for data governance – including prioritized reports showing where sensitive content is highly concentrated and over-exposed, and an audit trail of all Active Directory activity, Varonis gives you context around the sensitive content that we find, allowing you to prioritize and successfully protect it, remain compliant, and avoid data breaches.

Collection of Actionable Intelligence

Extensible Architecture

Intelligent and Fast

Easy and Powerful Classification Rules


About Performanta: an official Varonis Partner and Varonis Reseller in the UK

Performanta is a security partner of Varonis and an approved Varonis reseller in the UK. Involved in endpoint protection projects across the UK and globally, Performanta’s unique practical approach and hands-on technical expertise has been delivering successful technology projects for years covering over 1.2 million end users. Our DNA is ingrained with professionalism, successful delivery and our client base is broad. Please continue reading about one of the world’s best endpoint protection platforms and do contact us should you have any or interest in an introductory meeting.

About Varonis

In 2003 a large oil and gas company nearly had a disaster. They spent millions of dollars capturing hi-resolution images of the ocean floor and stored them on their file servers. One day these images were gone.

Were they accidentally deleted? Deliberately stolen? Two storage experts discovered that there was no record of what had happened, and no easy way to figure it out.

From this potential disaster, these storage experts saw opportunity. File systems were growing exponentially in complexity and size. Data was becoming more valuable than ever, and it needed to be better protected.

And so in 2005, those storage experts – Yaki Faitelson and Ohad Korkus – founded Varonis to give organizations more visibility into their data, and to protect their critical information.

Performanta is an official Varonis partner and reseller in the UK.

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